Lovely - Sarah Jessica Parker

We are all influenced by the modern celebrity. That is an unquestionable truth that many celebrities are capitalizing on. We go see their movies, listen to their music and get caught up in their well publicized lives. Shows like Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood have undoubtedly contributed to the build up of a “Celebrity Culture” over the last 25 years; creating modern day Mega Stars along the way. Mega Stars that transcend the world of entertainment and become giants in the world of business thanks to their incredible marketability. Fashion being so closely linked to celebrity has made it the obvious choice of business venture for many stars; with many of them designing fashion lines of their own. is a site dedicated to these celebrities turned fashion designers. Some of celebrities that we will highlight on are Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani and Sean (P-Diddy) Combs to name a few. We will take a look at their clothing lines as well as their fragrances and accessories.